One Zodiac NFT for compound benefits of high staking reward (up to 240%) automatic eligibilities for #freemint and #airdrop, DAO votings, and more.

Select NFTs

Choose Zodiac signs & Elements

Mint NFTs

Prepare $MATIC & USDT for minting

Stake NFTs

APY from 120%-240%

Collect rewards

Hourly Distribution
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Metal
  • Fire
  • Earth
wood Zodiac
wood Rat
Total: $300
  • The 12 Zodiac NFT Collection is the major collection of the PolyNFT platform. When owning NFTs in this collection, investors become shareholders of PolyNFT and receive a share of the transaction fees on the PolyNFT marketplace. The collection consists of 6000 NFTs, including 12 Zodiac animals of the Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The NFTs in this collection have equal rarity, no hierarchy, and enjoy equal benefits.
  • NFT owners will receive a fixed passive income by participating in the staking program with a return of 120~240% per year. Additionally, there are additional passive income streams through community marketing campaigns conducted by PolyNFT. Specifically, Zodiac investors have the opportunity to participate in the #freemintNFT programs and collect proper NFTs to receive cash prizes. Zodiac NFT owners can also participate in voting for items that require investor opinions on the PolyNFT platform.
  • You can directly mint Zodiac NFTs on the PolyNFT platform at an initial issuance price of 300 USDT per NFT until all 6000 NFTs are sold out. The official smart contract for the Zodiac NFT is 0x92434fdf09814ac50f6f2f3b8c9af7a0a20482c7. Minting link:
  • After successfully minting a Zodiac NFT, click on the NFT in your wallet and choose the Stake function. The rewards will then be paid out per block and displayed in the "ASST MNG" section. In case you want to sell your Zodiac NFT on the marketplace or to transfer it somewhere, you can unstake it at any time as staking does not lock your NFT on the platform. However, note that after unstaking, your Zodiac NFT will no longer receive rewards.
  • Access the "ASST MNG" section and click the CLAIM button to withdraw rewards to your wallet. However, note that the rewards must reach at least 5 USDT to be eligible for claiming.
  • PolyNFT generated revenues by charging traders small fees when they use the platform for the following: Mint NFTs, buy and sell NFTs, launchpad fee. NFT stakers are strongly incentivized on the platform and this gives them USDT rewards.
  • To activate affiliate function, participants have to pay $100 USDT. These funds are meant to prevent fraudulent behavior, and transferred to incentive reward pool. PolyNFT will trace addresses that have suspicious activity and uphold the integrity of the Affiliate Program. Cheaters may disabled their affiliate function if they sell or transfer their minted NFTs.
  • First, active your referral link by pay $100. The detail commission: Tier 1: 5% minting fee, Tier 3% minting fee. In the near future, when the PolyNFT Marketplace deployed, you will receive commission on every Buying transactions users make.